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Robert "Mac" Palmer

Testimonials and Accolades...

"Thank you Donna for inviting me to sign the guest book.  As the Great-Great Grandson of Dr. William Pennel Palmer, an early resident of this home; I am very impressed by this web site.  I am grateful to you and others who have taken the preservation of the manor house to heart.  Beyond the actual property, the effort to preserve the history and the legacy of early Sandy Spring is equally commendable.  The "living history" educational program you have instituted is such a marvelous way to accomplish this preservation and let visitors of all ages learn how life was in the early days.  Each time I visit Woodlawn, I feel more strongly the approval of my ancestors who dwelt here.  The portraits of Dr. Palmer and wife Martha grace the parlor walls as they no doubt did in the mid-eighteen hundreds.  See you soon, by best regards,"

Mac (Robert McGill Palmer) 

 "Dear Donna, congratulations on creating such a wonderful, wonderful program.  It has so many opportunities to reach so many different kinds of people with the magic of history.  You are the BEST!  It was an honor to work with you over the years."  Montgomery County School Teacher

 "Donna, what a gorgeous day we had thanks to you and your staff!  The weather was wonderful and your programs were so well organized.  The parents and kids raved about the trip and information you provided.  The journals the "pioneers" wrote upon their arrival to the West were outstanding!!  Thanks for a spectacular day.  See you next year," Leslie Hested, 5th Grade Teacher, DuFief Elementary

 "Best field trip all year!  It had a lot of information that was useful for the trail.  The trail needs a lot of teamwork to succeed."  DuFief Student

 "Your hands-on history museum was amazing!  Thank you for letting us come to visit."  Student

 "This was a great field trip!  We hiked in the woods as if we were "passengers" on the Underground Railroad.  I would definitely recommend it."  Student

Our second graders just went to Woodlawn last week and had a WONDERFUL time and learned more than any textbook could teach them.  They saw artifacts, participated in authentic Wampanoag ceremonies, crushed corn, played Native American games, and much more.  Many of my students said it was the best field trip they had ever had.  All of our parent chaperones were impressed as well.  The staff was also great!  They kept telling us how well behaved our children were and that they had an excellent time.  They were also very knowledgeable.  I would definitely take my second graders next year. MCPS Teacher

"I thought the activities were great and full of fun and knowledge.  My son and I where very happy with Donna Will and the staff.  Great time and will recommend this field trip to lots of people."  Newton Goncalves, Parent


 "Donna, I am grateful that you have helped me to develop my passion for American history, and that with your help, my students may discover theirs.  See you along the trail," Calamity Jill, 5th Grade Teacher

 "Fabulous Tea & Tour!  The scones and clotted cream were amazing.  Thank you so much for a charming and elegant tea at this historic site.  Hundreds of tulips in the gazebo garden for our walk afterwards!  Best Regards, Sophia






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