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Programs keyed to K-8 MCPS curriculum as a resource
Ways of the Wampanoag & Pilgrims 
Little Firefly 

Little Firefly / Ways of the Wampanoag


Kindergarten “Families” 
 A Trip to Long Ago...
 Station # 1:    Families Now & Long Ago 
                      A Child's Day w/ Mistress Will
                       “Spinning A Yarn” & Carding Wool
Station # 2:   Children’s Farm Kitchen w/Goodie                    
                     Hands-On-History Activities:
                     Crushing the Corn
                     Yoke & Bucket Carry
Station # 3:    Old Time Farm Games 
             © WoodlawnManorMuseum 2008


A Living History Book…in the Park.
Thank you for  helping to turn the pages of time.

Grade 1   Life In The Past

19th Century Farming Community Change Over Time
The Quaker Farming Community of Old.

Chapter 1:   The Story of  The Brookeville Farm Wagon
                  Agriculture / Then and Now 

    Chapter 2:  Quaker Kitchen Farming Chores Hands-On:
            Butter Churning Production
                Mortar & Pestle Corn Crushing
    Yoke & Bucket Carry 
             Location:  Colonial Kitchen
    Chapter 3:  Sheep Wool Carding 
        Old Time Farm Games
© WoodlawnManorMuseum 2008
Charlie Needs A Cloak  1st grade program also available.

Grade 2
Ways of the Wampanoag & The Pilgrims  
People of the Dawn

Nikkomosachmiawen  Ceremony

The Pilgrims & The Wampanoag
Station 1   Artifacts & Wampanoag History
Bows & Arrows / Artifact Room
     w/ Grandmother Will
Station 2   Daily Life at The Pilgrim Kitchen
                 Crushing Weachimin 
                          P is for Pilgrim /Yoke & Bucket Carry 
Station 3  The Dancing Rock Song 
© WoodlawnManorMuseum 2008

Grade 3 (New Curriculum)
Sharing Brookeville's Agricultural Past / Services & Goods/ Technology
 Plantation Life  c. 1800
 Barter & Trade/ (Economic Wants)

Spinning & Carding Demonstration (Specialized work)
Hands-On History Activities  (Goods made locally)
Butter Churning, Crushing Corn, Carrying Yoke & Bucket, Cheese Making, Games of Yore
© WoodlawnManorMuseum 2012

Grade 4
Colonial Maryland Plantation Life
Hands-On Colonial Daily Farm Life Activities:
Churning Butter @ the Dairy
Crushing The "Gold of the South" (corn)
Spin & Card "King Cotton"
Pump & Carry Well Water by Yoke & Buckets

See a "Hand of Cured Tobacco" Colonial cash crop
Barter & Trade Animal Hides
Old Time Plantation Games
© WoodlawnManorMuseum 2008

Grade 4

 Early Woodland Native American Lifeways & Legends
Authentic Smudging Ceremony "The Four Winds Legend"
Hands-On Yacomaco Daily Life & Artifacts
Bows & Arrows / Animal Signs
The Dancing Rock Song 
Crushing "Weachimin" into "Nokehig"
© WoodlawnManorMuseum 2008
Grade 4 - 8
The Underground Railroad Experience in Maryland
( The Network to Freedom Award in 2001)
Author, Donna Will
Follow the Drinking Gourd Program
Living History Activities / Churning Butter, Yoke & Buckets
My Bedstead  was a Board...
Call & Response  "Juba" w/ African Percussion
Wool Gathering
© WoodlawnManorMuseum 2008

Grade 5
The Westward Ho!
The National Pike / Racing West
Experience the Trail Journey / Pioneer Log Cabin Life Activities
Meet Calamity 
Pioneer Farm Games
Westward Ho Wagon Train Experience!
© WoodlawnManorMuseum 2008

Grade 4 - 8
The Underground Railroad Experience in Maryland
Tobacco Plantation Activities/ UGRR Play
The Drinking Gourd Board Game
Slave "testimony" 
The Sleeping Boards & Freedom Puzzle
The Old Hundred Pegs
© WoodlawnManorMuseum 2008


Living History Character, Quaker Conductor UGRR


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